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Meet The Team

Meet the Staff at Killington & Okemo Backcountry Tours

Jake | Guide

Home town: Fair Haven, Vermont

Years Snowmobiling: 11

Likes: Guns and “Hey watch this” moments

Dislikes: Being “PC”

Brandon | Guide

Home town: Sharon, VT

Years Snowmobiling: 11

Likes: Fresh snow and going fast!

Dislikes: Party crashers

Nick | Guide

Home town: Keene, NH

Years Snowmobiling: 15

Likes: Guns and Harleys

Dislikes: Hot weather

Tito | Guide

Home town: Avon, CT

Years Snowmobiling: 17

Likes: Anything that is fun, with friends and family

Dislikes: Coyotes

Rob | Guide

Home town: New Port, R.I.

Years Snowmobiling: 25

Likes: Fishing, skiing, hunting

Dislikes: When snowmobiling season ends

Megan | Front Desk

Home town: Pittsford, New York

Years Snowmobiling: 100

Likes: Mudding/Fishing

Dislikes: Disorganization

Michelle | “The Bo$$”

Home town: Bridgewater, Vermont

Years Snowmobiling: 16

Likes: Animals, peace, and quiet

Dislikes: Hot and cold weather

Meet the Staff at Mount Snow

Stormy | Mascot

Favorite Activity: Swimming

​Favorite Foods: Steak Bones

​Favorite Band/Song: Sammy Hager/ I can’t drive SS

​Vehicle of Choice: Daddy’s Escalade

​Random Fact: She plays by herself, by tossing her own toys, then fetches them!

Griffin | Mascot

Favorite Activity: Playing catch & swimming

​Favorite Foods: Anything

​Favorite Band/Song: Iron Maiden

​Vehicle of Choice: Motorcycle with a side car

​Random Fact: I learned to roll over at 6 months old!

Nicole S. | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Fishing & Skiing

​Favorite Foods: Lobster

​Favorite Band/Song: The Stones

​Vehicle of Choice: Ford Bronco

​Random Fact: I worked on a commercial Lobster Boat out of Montauk all Summer into Fall aboard “ The Leather Neck”

Tim | Guide

Favorite Activity: Skiing and Snowboarding

​Favorite Foods: Cheeseburgers

​Favorite Band/Song: Callin Baton Rogue – Garth Brooks

​Vehicle of Choice: Chevy Silverado

Lars | Guide

Favorite Activity: Watching Beaver Videos

​Favorite Foods: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

​Favorite Band/Song: Post Malone

​Vehicle of Choice: Jeep Wrangler

Random Fact: I enjoy looking at maps.

Jeff | Guide

Favorite Activity: Destroying powder either on skis or a sled

​Favorite Foods: Bacon wrapped scallops with thyme & pepper

​Favorite Band/Song: Led Zeppelin, Immigrant Song

​Vehicle of Choice: On the water a Yamaha just won’t die; on the snow a Polaris will always start; on the road Mopar will go far

​Random Fact: I can not whistle

Devon | Chief Mechanic

Favorite Activity: Snowmobiling with my son

​Favorite Foods: PIZZA! A lot of it!

​Favorite Band/Song: Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls

​Vehicle of Choice: Chevy

​Random Fact: I’m as “Lite as a feather”

Connor | Guide

Favorite Activity: Surfing and playing in the snow

​Favorite Foods: Tacos

​Favorite Band/Song: Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia

​Vehicle of Choice: Porche 911

​Random Fact: Ran an alfalfa sprout green house ranch

Matt | Guide

Favorite Activity: Playing Guitar

​Favorite Foods: Pizza

​Favorite Band/Song: Parkway Drive

​Vehicle of Choice: Volvo

Ronnie | Guide

Favorite Activity: Going to the bar

​Favorite Foods: Pizza

​Favorite Band/Song: Led Zepplin – When the levee breaks

​Vehicle of Choice: Subaru WRX

​Random Fact: Most people call me Reggie

Icabaud | Keeper of the Sleds

Favorite Activity: Rock Climbing and playing “Magic the Gathering

​Favorite Foods: King Crab Legs with Butter

​Favorite Band/Song: John Denver-Take me home Country Roads

​Vehicle of Choice: Honda Element

​Random Fact: I am a boy scout

Sheree | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Sleeping

​Favorite Foods: Anything Edible

​Favorite Band/Song: Anything that makes me dance!

​Vehicle of Choice: Jeep

​Random Fact: I’m awesome!

Gina | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Vacation

​Favorite Foods: Anything Italian, with a bottle of Red!

​Favorite Band/Song: Bruce Springsteen – I’m a Jersey Girl

​Vehicle of Choice: Jeep or Harley

​Random Fact: I was a Black Jack dealer in Atlantic City for 5 years

Deb | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Being on a boat

​Favorite Foods: Cookies

​Favorite Band: Kenny Chesney

​Vehicle of Choice: Harley (on the back!)

​Random Fact: I lived in Europe

Deana | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Arts & Crafts and being Icabaud’s mom

​Favorite Foods: Any seafood I’m not allergic to

​Favorite Band/Song: Ozzy – Crazy Train

​Vehicle of Choice: ’55 Chevy

​Random Fact: I am third generation Navy.

Geoff | Guide

Favorite Activity: Being on the Lake in the summer, and shooting guns

​Favorite Foods: A perfectly cooked steak

​Favorite Band/Song: Molly Hatchet, Flirtin’ with Disaster

​Vehicle of Choice: Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

​Random Fact: Mascot Griffin, is my pup

Mark | GM

Favorite Activity: Going to Football games

​Favorite Foods: Oysters

​Favorite Band/Song: Frank Sinatra/ Summerwind

​Vehicle of Choice: Harley Davidson

​Random Fact: I’m a Parrothead!!

Meet the Staff at Stowe

Kota & June | Mascots

Who do you admire the most? Whoever is holding the food or truck keys

What odd talent do you have? We find ALL the birds!

Vehicle of Choice: Dads Truck

Random Fact: William Wallace had an English Springer Spaniel who rode into battle with him!

Lucy | Mascot

Who do you admire the most? The most adventurous people I know, Pete and Sandra

What odd talent do you have? I can run 12 miles along a Snowmobile, sometimes out run

Vehicle of Choice: My 4 legs or Moms snowmobile

Random Fact: My bark has a southern twang

Elijah | Guide

Who do you admire the most? My friends

What odd talent do you have? I can stand on one leg with the other behind my head

Vehicle of Choice: Snowmobile, duh

Random Fact: A female fox is also known as a Vixen

Cody | Guide

Years with Snowmobile Vermont? 4

Who do you admire the most?  My Grandfather

What odd talent do you have? I can break ANYTHING

Vehicle of Choice:  A sled, duhh!

Random Fact:  I could ride a snowmobile before I knew my ABC’s

Andrea | Office

Years with Snowmobile Vermont? 3

Who do you admire the most?  Dogs, their love is so pure.

What odd talent do you have? I don’t have a talent, I can’t even wink…

Vehicle of Choice:  Porsche

Random Fact:  High heels were originally designed for men.

Ty | Guide

Years with Snowmobile Vermont? 2

Who do you admire the most? My son Eli

What odd talent do you have? I can wheely my sportster on the interstate

Vehicle of Choice: Chevy LBZ or Square Body

Random Fact: The longest made automobile in history is the Chevy Suburban

Derek | Guide

Who do you admire the most? Charles Wilber

What odd talent do you have? Talking about bowel movements at odd times

Vehicle of Choice: Super Moto

Random Fact: I can fix anything

Ben | Guide

Who do you admire the most? You, for reading this

What odd talent do you have? Juggling chainsaws

Vehicle of Choice: Snowmobiles, duh

​Random Fact: Abraham Lincoln invented log cabin syrup

Clayton | Guide

Who do you admire the most? Bartenders

What odd talent do you have? I am an artificial precipitation engineer (APE)

Vehicle of Choice: Anything 2 Stroke

Random Fact: I still run a family farm

Mariah | Guide

Who do you admire the most? My Mother

What odd talent do you have? I am pretty much a comedian

Vehicle of Choice: Snowmobile

Random Fact: I’ve been sledding in the Alps

Jason “Snowman” | Guide

Who do you admire the most? Our Lord and Savior

What odd talent do you have? To remain in control even in high stress situations

Vehicle of Choice: Two skis and track…. I will make it go

Random Fact: It takes about 50 gallons of sap to make 1 gallon of maple syrup

Daniel | Desk Staff

Who do you admire the most? Folks who are working to make the world a better place for everyone

What odd talent do you have? I can juggle

Vehicle of Choice: Big fan of my 14 speed bicycle

Random Fact: I’ve been to Mongolia

Steve “Ring Master” | Site/Operations Manager

Who do you admire the most? My Dad

What odd talent do you have? I can recite the Presidents in order in under a minute

Vehicle of Choice: Piston Bully

Random Fact: 3% of the ice in Antarctica is penguin urine

Chad | Guide

Years with Snowmobile Vermont? 5

Who do you admire the most? Hector (my big brown dog)

What odd talent do you have? Fastest Tree Trimmer in Vermont

Vehicle of Choice: Faster than you!

Random Fact: 350 million Christmas trees are growing on farms across the US

Lucas | Guide

Years with Snowmobile Vermont? 2

Who do you admire the most?  My Dad

What odd talent do you have? Ability to make a joke in any situation.

Vehicle of Choice:  My truck

Random Fact: Pringles aren’t actually potato chips.

Laura | Office

Years with Snowmobile Vermont? 2

Who do you admire most?  Lucy Lou

Random Fact:  I attend West Virginia University

Vehicle of choice:  Pontoon Boat

Hidden talent:  I can tap dance

Pete | GM

Years with Snowmobile Vermont? 7

Who do you admire the most? My lovely wife, Sandra

What odd talent do you have? I can make anything into an Action Movie

Vehicle of Choice: My Tacoma

Random Fact: I crossed India in a Rickshaw