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Mount Snow

Snowmobile in Southern Vermont!

Thanks for a great season! See you next time the snow flies!

Please be aware that we have moved from our Mount Snow resort location. Our new meeting location is now at 8570 VT9 Woodford Vt 05201 and is about 25 minutes southwest of the resort.

Meet the Staff at Mount Snow

Stormy | Mascot

Favorite Activity: Swimming

​Favorite Foods: Steak Bones

​Favorite Band/Song: Sammy Hager/ I can’t drive SS

​Vehicle of Choice: Daddy’s Escalade

​Random Fact: She plays by herself, by tossing her own toys, then fetches them!

Griffin | Mascot

Favorite Activity: Playing catch & swimming

​Favorite Foods: Anything

​Favorite Band/Song: Iron Maiden

​Vehicle of Choice: Motorcycle with a side car

​Random Fact: I learned to roll over at 6 months old!

Nicole S. | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Fishing & Skiing

​Favorite Foods: Lobster

​Favorite Band/Song: The Stones

​Vehicle of Choice: Ford Bronco

​Random Fact: I worked on a commercial Lobster Boat out of Montauk all Summer into Fall aboard “ The Leather Neck”

Tim | Guide

Favorite Activity: Skiing and Snowboarding

​Favorite Foods: Cheeseburgers

​Favorite Band/Song: Callin Baton Rogue – Garth Brooks

​Vehicle of Choice: Chevy Silverado

Lars | Guide

Favorite Activity: Watching Beaver Videos

​Favorite Foods: Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza

​Favorite Band/Song: Post Malone

​Vehicle of Choice: Jeep Wrangler

Random Fact: I enjoy looking at maps.

Jeff | Guide

Favorite Activity: Destroying powder either on skis or a sled

​Favorite Foods: Bacon wrapped scallops with thyme & pepper

​Favorite Band/Song: Led Zeppelin, Immigrant Song

​Vehicle of Choice: On the water a Yamaha just won’t die; on the snow a Polaris will always start; on the road Mopar will go far

​Random Fact: I can not whistle

Devon | Chief Mechanic

Favorite Activity: Snowmobiling with my son

​Favorite Foods: PIZZA! A lot of it!

​Favorite Band/Song: Motley Crue – Girls, Girls, Girls

​Vehicle of Choice: Chevy

​Random Fact: I’m as “Lite as a feather”

Connor | Guide

Favorite Activity: Surfing and playing in the snow

​Favorite Foods: Tacos

​Favorite Band/Song: Rolling Stones – Sweet Virginia

​Vehicle of Choice: Porche 911

​Random Fact: Ran an alfalfa sprout green house ranch

Matt | Guide

Favorite Activity: Playing Guitar

​Favorite Foods: Pizza

​Favorite Band/Song: Parkway Drive

​Vehicle of Choice: Volvo

Ronnie | Guide

Favorite Activity: Going to the bar

​Favorite Foods: Pizza

​Favorite Band/Song: Led Zepplin – When the levee breaks

​Vehicle of Choice: Subaru WRX

​Random Fact: Most people call me Reggie

Icabaud | Keeper of the Sleds

Favorite Activity: Rock Climbing and playing “Magic the Gathering

​Favorite Foods: King Crab Legs with Butter

​Favorite Band/Song: John Denver-Take me home Country Roads

​Vehicle of Choice: Honda Element

​Random Fact: I am a boy scout

Sheree | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Sleeping

​Favorite Foods: Anything Edible

​Favorite Band/Song: Anything that makes me dance!

​Vehicle of Choice: Jeep

​Random Fact: I’m awesome!

Gina | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Vacation

​Favorite Foods: Anything Italian, with a bottle of Red!

​Favorite Band/Song: Bruce Springsteen – I’m a Jersey Girl

​Vehicle of Choice: Jeep or Harley

​Random Fact: I was a Black Jack dealer in Atlantic City for 5 years

Deb | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Being on a boat

​Favorite Foods: Cookies

​Favorite Band: Kenny Chesney

​Vehicle of Choice: Harley (on the back!)

​Random Fact: I lived in Europe

Deana | Reservation Specialist

Favorite Activity: Arts & Crafts and being Icabaud’s mom

​Favorite Foods: Any seafood I’m not allergic to

​Favorite Band/Song: Ozzy – Crazy Train

​Vehicle of Choice: ’55 Chevy

​Random Fact: I am third generation Navy.

Geoff | Guide

Favorite Activity: Being on the Lake in the summer, and shooting guns

​Favorite Foods: A perfectly cooked steak

​Favorite Band/Song: Molly Hatchet, Flirtin’ with Disaster

​Vehicle of Choice: Toyota Tundra TRD Pro

​Random Fact: Mascot Griffin, is my pup

Mark | GM

Favorite Activity: Going to Football games

​Favorite Foods: Oysters

​Favorite Band/Song: Frank Sinatra/ Summerwind

​Vehicle of Choice: Harley Davidson

​Random Fact: I’m a Parrothead!!


a house covered in snow

The snow is here and we’re open for the season! For updated trail conditions click here.

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Please note, we are NOT located at Mount Snow resort. Please make sure to follow the Google Map directions to get to our meeting location.

Lodging & Places to Eat

If you’re planning a visit to beautiful Vermont, here are some recommended lodging options in the Mount Snow area that offer excellent accommodations.