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5,000 Miles of Snowmobile Trails? Thanks, VAST!


Did you know that the Green Mountain State is home to one of the oldest, most active snowmobiling enthusiast groups in the country…and a unique partnership between snowmobilers and landowners that provides access to more than 5,000 miles of trails that wind throughout Vermont?

VAST, the Vermont Association of Snow Travelers, started 50 years ago and has been organizing snowmobiling in the Green Mountain State ever since. Its 24,000 members and 127 individual clubs enjoy a network of more than 5,000 miles of snowmobile trails, maintained and groomed by dedicated volunteers. Minimal club dues and fees—VAST is a non-profit, private organization—keep it all running smoothly.

One of VAST’s biggest contributions to the sport of snowmobiling is the connection its members have created with friendly landowners, who make it possible to travel so many continuous Vermont miles by snowmobile. According to VAST, 80 percent of Vermont’s snowmobile trail system crosses private land, and more than 9,000 landowners have given VAST members and local clubs permission to ride on trails on their private property. (State forests and parks make up the other 20 percent.)

Without Vermont landowners’ continued generosity, this extensive trail network couldn’t exist! In return, VAST members pledge to respect trails and landowners, protect the environment, and operate in a safe, friendly, responsible way through the VAST Code of Ethics.

VAST is also active in the snowmobiling community in a number of other ways. The group provides online trail maps and updated trail conditions, publishes its own Snowmobile Vermont Magazine and a free Snow Travelers’ Guide, offers safety seminars and events, provides yearly college scholarships to members, and even sells some fun snowmobiling-related merch on its website.

Snowmobile Vermont is proud to be a long-time member of VAST and to do our part to keep snowmobiling safe and fun in the beautiful state we call home.

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