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What can a caterpillar tell us about the snowmobiling season?

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Some think they’re cute, some think they’re strange, some examine them closely to see what their colors predict for the winter season.

What are we talking about? Woolly Bear caterpillars, our famous, furry, fall friends, of course!

While most people look up at the trees during the Vermont fall season, those of us who are waiting for snowflakes look down for these little fellas to see what they know about the coming season.

So what did they tell us for this year? Let’s take a look.

What Does the Woolly Bear Say?

There’s a lot of misinformation about how Woolly Bears predict winter weather. The key lies in their colors, not in their numbers (as in how many you see on the ground) or how many bands of color they have.

Woollys have two colors on their bristly outsides: black and orange. The predictor of a snowy winter (we’re thinking positively here) is in how much black appears. The more black the Woollys are, the snowier the winter.

We saw a good amount of black in our Woollys this year, a harbinger of lots of snow to come. But we don’t go only by what the Woollys say. We back up the Woollys’ prediction with the Bible of weather: The Farmer’s Almanac.

It’s Polar-Coaster Time!

We already hit single-digits in the beginning of the month and we’ve got snow on the ground, so it looks like the ride has begun.

This year’s Almanac predictions include colder-than-average temperatures for the Northeast, as well as above-normal winter precipitation. Noted dates for heavy precipitation are January 4th-7th and January 12th-15th. Coastal areas are predicted to get a lot of freezing rain and ice, hence the “polar-coaster” effect.

You can also take a look at NOAA’s (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) site to get their take on things for this winter.

Buckle Up – on a Snowmobile

Whether it’s a Polar-Coaster or fluffy powder, the best way to enjoy winter in Vermont is to ride it out. Why not do it on a snowmobile?

We’re taking reservations now for winter 2019/20. Give a snowmobile tour as a gift or gift one to yourself and make the most of this winter’s Polar-Coaster.

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